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Head Instrutor/Instructor/Tutor

Posted: 10/02/2021

Job Posting - Head Instructor/Instructor/Tutor


The Tutoring Center, Katy/Greentrails is looking for applicants who are passionate and enthusiastic about helping children ages 5 to 17 improve their reading, writing and math skills. Applicants must be energetic, have a great attitude and enjoy working with children in a fun, fast paced atmosphere. Center is located in the Katy area on Kingsland blvd and Fry road. Visit our website - for more information.

The Tutoring Center uses a unique research driven teaching method which has been successfully helping students of all abilities succeed in their classrooms for more than twenty years around the country. The Tutoring Center has a reputation for providing outstanding tutoring services and helping children with improvement in concentration and character development. Our priority is empowering children to reach their highest potential and to help children find a love of learning.

We have several positions available:

  1. Head Instructor (One position) - This is a leadership position and a bachelor's degree is required. Recent graduates are welcome and relevant work experience is a plus. The Head Instructor leads a team of instructors and tutors to manage classroom operations. They will tutor children as well. This individual will work closely with the Center Director and help in enrollment activities or other business functions as needed. This position requires 25-30 hours per week and ability to work at the center from 230PM-730PM from Monday to Friday. 

  2. Instructor (one to two positions) - Current undergraduate students will be considered for the Instructor role. Ability to work with children with learning disabilities is a plus. In this position, individuals will help the Head Instructor in tutoring and other day to day operations.  Applicants should be available to work from 8 to 16 hours per week at the center between 330PM-730PM from Monday to Thursday. 

  3. Tutor (two to four positions) - Top performing High School seniors will be considered for this role. AP maths and science classes are a plus. Tutors will help tutoring children. Applicants should be available to work a minimum of 8 to 16 hours per week at the center between 330PM-730PM from Monday to Thursday.  

Selected individuals in all the roles will be required to pass a comprehensive background check AND a Math Assessment Test. 

Why work for us?

  1. Competitive pay per hour. Pay will depend on education and experience level. Performance based Pay review and increase on an annual basis.

  2. Bonus pay based on student referrals and overall center enrollment goals.

  3. Special employee tuition discount for family members at the center.

  4. Leadership development through Rotation Wednesday program - One day per week each position performs tasks of higher position for career development. For instance Head instructor will be the center director and the instructor will be Head instructor and so on.  

  5. Opportunity to participate in certification training at Corporate Headquarters in Long Beach, CA. Head Instructor and Instructors will be selected after 6 months in job based on performance and longer term commitment.

  6. Access to personal and career development material from and for motivated individuals

  7. Mentorship from business owner and letter of recommendation

To apply send your resume to


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