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Fire & Water Damage Restoration

About Us

Fire and water restoration company for commercial properties.
About Cotton Company Overview

Since its introduction in 1996, Cotton has had but one driving purpose: to become the industry's leader in quality performance and service. In its quest to be the very best, Cotton has consistently raised the bar to perform beyond insurance company requirements... beyond client expectations... with higher professional focus and personal involvement than competitors... from initial project assessment and planning, through catastrophe management reconstruction, restoration and environmental remediation. The results of this unmatched combination of dedication and enthusiasm has produced a broad portfolio of successful projects, extremely satisfied clients, and a most challenging set of standards for the industry.

Cotton features cutting edge technology, state of the art equipment, and the latest in management/personnel techniques. And while these combined factors indeed contribute to our success, the key factor in our quest to be the best can be found in organization make-up. A definitive example of synergy in action, where the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. Furthermore, each member of executive management has ''in-the-field'' expertise and first hand knowledge of what transpires in disaster situations.

We like to think it's this kind of attitude that sets Cotton apart. The kind that drives us toward our goal, not necessarily to be the biggest, but to be the best. The attitude that drives us to continue...setting the new standard.


  • Emergency fire and water damage restoration
  • Project assessment and Planning
  • Catastrophe Management Reconstruction
  • Restoration and Environmental Remediation

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