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Prevent Cyberattacks: How to Protect Your Company Against Cyber Threats

If your small business does not have cyber security, it could be vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals. Cyber security includes layers of protection to prevent attacks against computer systems and online networks. Security helps ensure that important data remains protected and that your system continues to run without interruption. In the below article, we explain more about how to protect your business against cyber threats.


Learn the Risks

Depending on the industry and your current digitization, different risks affect your business. For example, if you have a retail business and a cybercriminal attacks your point of sale system, he or she could have access to customer financial information. Customers may file a lawsuit against your company, you may have to hire a forensic investigator, and your company could lose its reputation.


Cybercriminals can also send phishing emails to you or your employees. The email may have a legitimate link, but when you enter your bank information or log in, the program copies the information and puts it in the hacker's hands. Cyber threats can happen to anyone, explains Tech Consumer Guide. Malicious hackers can try to access smart devices in your business, including smart televisions. The damages associated with cybercrime can cost you your business.


If you are in an industry where professionals need to access sensitive information from remote locations, you must have even more safeguards in place. For instance, many healthcare professionals practice outside of endpoints, which leaves their data vulnerable. In these situations, they need better systems that support situational ePHI awareness. In other words, systems that make Protected Health Information available in digital formats that are both safe and secure on all fronts.


Upgrade Your Technology

Antivirus software can make a difference. explains that an antivirus program searches for viruses, ransomware, and malware. Cybercriminals come out with new viruses, malware, and ransomware every year. They develop new programs to infect a computer or network to steal personal information or shut a system down. You should have the latest software to prevent access and maintain the updates. Additionally, ensure you have a strong firewall and a monitoring system to spot any strange behavior on the network.


Look for solutions for your technology, including computers, USB drives, networks, mobile devices, and servers. Seek options that are affordable for your company but that will also be effective at preventing an attack. To prevent the loss of files, consider using password-protected PDFs. To keep your file count at a minimum so you have less digital paperwork to keep track of, there are tools to help you combine PDF files. You have limited ability to edit the documents in a PDF file, which could be difficult and time consuming for some. An online conversion tool can easily convert a PDF into a Word document to make edits.


Practice Safety Protocols

To protect yourself against potential attacks, keep your programs and software up to date. Be careful about the information you share with others. For example, do not give all of your employees access to critical data. Instead, create a system that allows only specific people to access various files for the company. 


It’s also critical to teach your employees to keep strong passwords to protect their accounts. A strong password should have various capitalization and symbols and not include real words. Simplify this portion of your protocols by choosing an easy to use online tool to generate passwords and a password manager app to save them. 


Be clear with everyone who accesses the network on how to protect themselves. Do not share passwords with anyone who does not have clearance within your company to access the files associated with the passwords. Instruct employees not to release personal information or information about passwords. Be clear and concise with tips to your employees so there is no room for confusion.


Keep Your Company Safe

Small businesses are at risk of a cyberattack. Without the right solutions, your company could end up with debt that it cannot pay due to lawsuits associated with a lack of cybersecurity. Additionally, criminals could access personal information about your clients and your company without cybersecurity. To keep your company and your clients safe, keep cybersecurity in mind. 

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